The demolition and cleanup phase of your Houston Water Damage Repair project involves the removal of any and all non-salvagable structures and property.

During your initial water damage inspection your contractor will identify what can be salvaged. Anything beyond repair will need to be removed.

If you were to decide to try and do some of the demolition and cleanup yourself, it is imperative that your have the water damage inspected by a professional first. This is to ensure there is no contaminated water or other severe health and safety concerns - from waste water to mold, water damage can come with a number of dangerous risks.

Prior to and during the demolation phase of your Houston water damage repair project your contractor will find, inspect, test, and remove mold - which can be hidden behind walls and under floors.

A professional Houston water damage repair specialist will have the necessary training, certification, and licensing to deal with hazardous materials.

  • Walls

    Drywall, Sheet Rock, Support Posts, Support Beams...

  • Flooring

    Carpet, Carpet Padding, Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl...

  • Ceilings
  • Appliances and Fixtures

    Electronics, Plumbing, Electrical Materials...

  • Hazardous materials

    Insulation, Sewer Water...

  • Debris and Other Waste

Depending on the extent of water damage to your property and available space, your Houston water damage restoration contractor may have a dumpster on the premises and/or will facilitate tranportation for the waste.